Caution: Mom Under Construction

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Faye is a former Florida educator, who is now a stay at home mom, online ESL Teacher, and co-author of Her passions in life include writing, designing digital clip art, developing educational resources, public speaking, exercising, and above all sharing the love of Jesus with others in her daily life.

5 thoughts on “Caution: Mom Under Construction

  1. Nancy Brown says:

    What a beautiful teaching!!!!! Those of us who are no longer raising children can certainly apply it to many other situations that come into our lives. I really love the examples you share and the humor with them but also appreciation the seriousness of your word.

  2. Rudolph Petramale says:

    We all have things about us that make us a good mom.  And then we have things about us that we wish were better.  And we all have a flaw or two that others are quick to point out but really   if we are honest we see too. And sometimes, when we feel as though we are overwhelmed with the bad, we want to reevaluate, take stock and make changes to the things that we don t like.

    • Faye Adams says:

      Great thought. Yes, it’s important to be honest with ourselves, recognizing the beautiful things the Lord has done in us to make us great moms while also recognizing the areas where we can still grow. Both are so important. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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