Who We Are

12936518_10208733459151544_3679165773640863071_nWe are two purposeful moms on a journey to encourage other moms and women to approach the families God has given them with purpose and intention.

We are sisters.  Growing up as pastor’s children, we learned the importance of thinking about each action we took and what the repercussions could be. Without our realizing it, our parents were already teaching us to be purposeful and intentional.

About Suzette

Purposeful-Moms-SuzetteI grew up with a “purposeful mom” before the term was even a “thing”, and I knew I wanted to be a woman who mothered with purpose when the time came. I took the lessons I learned from my mother and applied them to every aspect of my life.

I taught for 11 years at private Christian schools and loved every moment. I married my sweetheart in July 2004. Our mom passed away in 2008, two weeks before the birth of my daughter, her first grandchild. I decided that with God’s help I would be a purposeful mother with my daughter (9 years old) and later my son (5 years old). Between 2014 and the beginning of 2016 I began working part-time at my church as the Interim Children’s Ministry Director. Now as a full-time wife and mother again, I want to encourage moms of every age (grandMOMS and aunts included) to be purposeful in all they do.

My hobbies include reading, blogging, and memory keeping.

I previously blogged at The Joy of Homemaking for 5 years.

About Faye

Faye-Purposeful-Moms-motherhood-parenting-marriageAlong with my sister, I believe our mom played a major role in our lives, as she committed to raising us with intention and purpose. I especially see this affecting my personal life in a positive way through my mom’s prayers for us, as well as her intentional efforts in teaching us how to live according to God’s plan as found in the Bible.

No, when I was young, I may not have always been interested in setting aside time to read the Bible with her, but I am so glad my mom never gave up and didn’t allow my attitudes in the moment to influence her efforts.

Although she passed away in 2008, I am so thankful for the eternal investment she made in my life. You see, although  she is gone, God has never left my side. And it’s not because I carry my mom’s faith…but because I willingly gave my life to the Lord, choosing to put my faith in Jesus on my own. (The best decision I’ve ever made.)

With Jesus now as the Lord of my life and with His Holy Spirit and His Word to guide me, I can continue to journey through this life knowing that I’m on the right path. My life is full of purpose, peace, joy, and direction. With His help, I can live intentionally and with confidence that I will see effective results from my efforts. He is the Wind in my sails and the Strength that I daily depend on for my success.

Like my sister, I also became a teacher after graduating from college. I taught for a total of ten years- third grade for five years at a Christian school and third grade for five years at a charter school. At the end of that time, I had the honor of being selected as a teacher ambassador by the Foundation for Excellence in Education, promoting higher standards and sharing our state’s success as one of the top ten states in education.

In 2010, I married the love of my life, my handsome prince, the man of my dreams , and my best friend- Jim. We met online through Christian Mingle, and he is truly a gift from God in my life. Marriage is way better than I ever imagined it could be because, as he also agrees, the most important ingredient is Jesus at the center of it. In 2013, our sweet little boy was born into our family, and now that he’s a toddler (3 years old), we’re having so much fun watching him develop his own little personality.

My hobbies include designing digital clip art, developing educational resources, public speaking, exercising, volunteering at my church, photography, and blogging.

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